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For your convenience, Netronome's Agilio eBPF is offered in three different packaging formats targeting the following Linux variants: Ubuntu, CentOS/Red Hat and Other Linux distributions. Please access those applicable for your system(s).


agilio-bpf-firmware- - debian packaging
CentOS / Red Hat
agilio-bpf-firmware- - rpm packaging
Other Linux distributions
agilio-bpf-firmware- - tarball

Sample Apps

Visit Netronome's eBPF Sample Apps GitHub repository, which contains eBPF XDP demo applications.

BPF Tool

bpftool is a Linux utility that allows for inspection and simple management of eBPF objects on the system. While the tool is publicly available (the sources can be found within the Linux kernel tree), Netronome provides a packaged version for an easier installation. Besides, this version of bpftool has been statically linked against a recent version of the binutils-dev library, which means that bpftool comes with support for disassembling and dumping the instructions JIT-compiled for NFP, for programs offloaded to the SmartNIC.

Ubuntu kernel 4.20bpftool - debian packaging


The documentation for Netronome's Agilio eBPF comprises the following document:

eBPF Offload Getting Started Guide 

Video Guide

The following videos are provided as an example of eBPF on Netronome' SmartNICs: