Netronome's EULA


For your convenience, Netronome's Agilio SmartNIC Basic Firmware is offered in three different packaging formats targeting the following Linux variants: Ubuntu, CentOS/Red Hat and Other Linux distributions. You can access those applicable for your system(s) using the links below or you could setup the public Netronome repositories to retrieve them using your system tools (e.g., apt-get or yum).

We are also listing other packages that you may want/need to install in addition to the NIC-Firmware:

Basic Firmware
Basic Firmware with SRIOV SupportLinux Driver
Udev Naming Policy
NIC-Firmware- - Debian packaging
SRIOV-Firmware- - Debian packaging
DKMS module - Debian packaging
Udev-policy - Debian packaging
CentOS / Red Hat
NIC-Firmware- - RPM packaging
SRIOV-Firmware- - Debian packaging
DKMS module - RPM packaging
Udev-policy - RPM packaging
Other Linux distributions

Please Note:

The udev naming policy is required when using distributions released before Q1 2018; e.g. RHEL 7.4 or Ubuntu 16.04.  It should not be used for newer distributions, which include appropriate naming policies.

The DKMS module is recommended for use with kernels older than 4.15